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Dear Chris, Thank you for the time you have spent sorting out my financial affairs and recommending strategies for the future. It is always a pleasure to catch up with you on your regular trips to Port Lincoln and we are certainly making some progress. I had never taken the time to plan my affairs in any effective way, until coming to your seminar, and my finances were always a matter of "crisis management". However, your attention to detail and knowledge of the current economic environment, have helped me to make some steady progress, over the past year or two. Our regular reviews and planning meetings are very beneficial, and I can see some real progress occurring. My 'eyes were opened', when I first saw regular payments going into my savings account, from an investment portfolio which you had set up, on my behalf, and I have confidence that my new "OFM" reverse mortgage facility, is going to make my life a lot easier in the next few years. Looking forward to our next 'review',

Many Thanks,

—Ron Higgins

Donald Cunningham

The 4th of November 2003, was to be an important date in my life. Possibly an even more important day was the day I listened to Chris Harris at Money Works when he told me I needed an income protection insurance policy. He convinced me I need to protect my most important asset, my ability to earn an income. I have worked all my life in construction as a pipe welder/boiler maker. I had been paying this insurance for approximately 3 years when on a construction site at Millicent; I started to feel some pain in my right hip/ back, I didn’t realise at the time I thought I had just pulled a muscle of something very minor, within 2-3 hours the pain was so intense I was no longer able to walk. I was taken to the Mount Gambier Area Hospital and was subsequently diagnosed after being transferred to Flinders Medical Hospital with a severe infection in my right hip joint. This is a very rare occurrence of a non medical procedure golden staph infection. The doctors are not exactly sure how I got the infection but possibly just from a simple scratch or cut that anyone could get on any day. After an initial exploratory operation I was told by the surgeon that my hip was now useless as the infection had eaten the cartilage and was starting to decay the bone. I now face several months of treatment with antibiotics I had an intravenous line placed into my arm. I was placed on 80000mg per day of a very powerful antibiotic. I was lucky the infection did clear but I was left with a useless leg which meant I now had to use a wheelchair or a walking frame to have any mobility. I was told that I could have a hip replacement but I would have to wait 18 months to 2 years to make sure the infection didn’t return. I have now had the hip replacement and have returned to work after almost 3 years. If it had not been for the income protection and the peace of mind it gave our financial position during this very physical and emotional time, I don’t think that I would have been able to make any form of recovery or return to work. My deepest gratitude goes to Chris Harris and his team who were good enough to spend the time to find an Insurance Policy that suited my needs, I doubt if I will ever cancel this policy as I have been shown the value of protecting your income for your working life. Without the financial support we would have lost everything we have worked so hard to build through my working life. So if I could encourage you to consider that something might just happen to you, please take the time and investigate taking out an income protection policy.

Your sincerely

—Donald Cunningham

Dear Chris, I came to see you in February of 1995. At that time I had a smallish superannuation policy with you. Then you introduced me to the "Money Works program" where you were going to monitor my budget and get my surplus income working for me, within my mortgage. This strategy has certainly worked and I am now very close to being completely debt free. On top of this I now have almost enough super to retire with and will be able to comfortably in about 3 yrs time. I have been very happy with your expert advice and service and if anyone said to me in 1995, that I would be in the financial position I am in now, I would have said they have rocks in their heads. I now know that there is great benefit from the advice you provide and I would recommend any of my family and friends to you.

Yours Sincerely

—Pamela Williams

We all like to think we're invincible, but who would imagine an accident like this? Just before Christmas last year, TV personality, Geoff Winter, was seriously injured when a runaway truck smashed into his utility in Adelaide. After being hit from behind by the semi-trailer, Geoff's Toyota was flung more than 20 metres and landed on its roof. As a result of the accident, Geoff spent time in intensive care and three months in Hampstead Rehabilitation Clinic. Here, Geoff and his Financial Adviser, Chris Harris, talk about Geoff's decision to take out Income Replacement insurance with Zurich (only three weeks before the accident) and the process of making a claim. How, then, did Chris go about recommending Zurich's Income Replacement to Geoff? "Well, we were in a meeting in November last year", Chris recalls, "and I said, 'mate, we'd better have a chat about some income protection insurance for you.' We looked at several products, Royal & Sun, Mercantile Mutual and AMP but Zurich's product seemed to best suit Geoff’s needs and budget." Sounds good to begin with, but would the Loss of Income definition make any difference? "Yes. As Geoff has his own business, we wanted it to be very clear cut that, should he have a drop in income by 20% or more due to sickness or injury, he would be covered. That is, without messing around with duties or occupation-based definitions." So the process of making a claim with Zurich was trouble free? "They handled everything." Chris says, "It was very good, excellent." Geoff was also able to claim benefits such as 'Confined to a Bed', which have often been unfairly described as just bells and whistles on the policy, but Chris has a different view. "To be honest, I thought that too, that was until Geoff needed to claim. I saw the benefit first hand because he was being paid a benefit during his waiting period when he was confined to a bed due to the accident for 28 days." And what about Geoff? How has the accident affected his life and, importantly, what did it mean to receive the monthly benefit? "Well, after getting out of hospital, I was in Hampstead Rehabilitation Clinic for three months," Geoff says, as he recalls the horrible injuries he sustained. "I broke my neck in the accident and had major bruising of the spinal cord. Even now I still get very tired." "Having the policy meant that at least the pressure was off financially and I could fully focus on getting well. When you have injuries such as I did, your mental state of mind is very important. I think if I was stressed about paying bills as well I would have taken a lot longer to heal. It also meant that my partner could get some help in the house as she was in visiting me every day." And what about dealing with Zurich's claims area? "Really great, as good as you would want them to be."

—Geoff Winter

My association with Chris started fifteen years ago he took over my portfolio from my retiring financial advisor.  Chris has managed my investment portfolio very well with the result being a healthy financial base.  Yes, my fund did suffer in the recent global financial crisis but with Chris' hard work and sound management during this trying time redeemed much of what I had lost.  I am very happy with the way Chris has managed my portfolio over our fifteen year association and would have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and colleagues.   In fact  two of my friends have recently taken the step to have sound financial advice and management of their assets with Chris and are very happy with their decision.

As a result of Chris' hard work and sound management of my investment portfolio I was able to retire from the workforce at age 59.  Surely a positive and wonderful outcome. Money Works Pty Ltd are a great team.  Whenever I have had a query there has always been a cheery and helpful member of the staff at the end of the telephone.  Nothing is ever too much trouble.  In fact Chris and his team will always go the extra mile to be of assistance. Chris is not only my financial advisor he has become a very dear friend.

—Diana Philips

Thanks so much to you (Chris) and Emma (and Rebecca) for all your efforts on my behalf. You and your team make me feel most welcome. I feel you do go above and beyond the call of duty for your clients, eg. computer advice! Your patience and clarity when explaining changes in matters relating to my account and circumstances in particular, and financial policy issues in general, is very appreciated. I could not do this on my own! You deserve and earn! your success.

Thank you once again

—Anne Scott

We have recently had to make a claim due to an unforeseen accident which had quite a large impact on both our personal lives and our business. The service provided by Money Works was absolutely sensational. Emma was extremely efficient with handling all aspects of the case. She reported back to us constantly which made us feel like we weren’t just a number and that she genuinely cared about our financial circumstances by ensuring payment was paid into our bank account as quickly as possible and following up regularly with the claims and how they were progressing. You always worry when you need to make a claim about the paperwork and the delay regarding your claim being approved and money being paid once accepted but Emma and the money works team made this a very smooth process.

For this we thank you.

—Cindy Maschotta (Income Protection & Business Expense Claim)

I attended the Chris Canton Event run by Money Works. This is the second time I have been to such an Event and again found it tremendously beneficial. It was well run, the information was enlightening and it was great to meet like minded people. Lunch was also included which is very helpful. Overall it was great and I would strongly urge attendance at future Events.

Thanks again to the Team at Money Works, great value.

—Mark Carn, Action Coach Business Coaching

Thank you Money Works for inviting me along to your lunchtime seminar at the Hackney Hotel. Dr Chris Caton from BT was an entertaining and interesting speaker on the current world economic trends and their impact on Australian investors. I would highly recommend other attendees to come to other events because you never fail to have really good speakers and similarly minded attendees.

—Dino Di Rosa, Di Rosa Lawyers

My wife and I have been clients of MoneyWorks PL since 2001 and we have always found Chris and the team friendly, helpful and very clear in their advice. Our portfolio has done well above average over the long term and the experience in, and understanding of, the market by Chris and the team has been proven over time. Due to a personal tragedy we had a significant life insurance matter to work through, Chris and Rebecca were particularly helpful and caring during this process. We highly recommend Money Works PL to any prospective customers.

—Kym and Nell Farnik

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