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The Money Works Program

All it takes is a little help and coaching to get you where you want to go! 

Why have a budgeting program? 

To make your money work for you 
To minimise debt in structured time frames 
To build a pathway to those goals- whatever they may be- house, boat, holiday, early retirement 
To have a guardian watching over you and dusting you off when you fall  

 Where to next!

1. Make a list of your financial commitments
2. Our qualified staff will assist you in preparing these figures
3. This information will be entered into our unique software4. This will tell us where any changes may need to be in line with your    future requirements
5. We will then assist you in making structured time frames for your goals and needs
6. We then Send you off on your new Journey
7. You come back to us every 3 months to update your figures- this is most important- review, review, review
8. We coach you on the path you choose which may and can be changed along with your current needs at anytime

 Fees and Charges

There is no contract and you may cancel at any time!
Charges for the Money Works program are $80 p/m- (this is generally tax-deductible under on-going financial advice- so depending on your tax bracket)

These charges are payable by direct debit EZY Pay only

What do these Charges include? 

◊ Initial appointment
Data entry into the budgeting program
Your personalised budget presentation
Budget coaching and goal orientation
3 monthly appointment reviews
Yearly Planner
You will receive a taxation invoice every year
50% reduction in normal (4.4%) Statement of Advice fees (will only now be 2.2%!)
Quarterly Newsletter
A choice of having your individual tax return completed

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